Best Y&R Lines Friday 11/11/11

Y&R Best Lines Friday 11/11/11


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Billy: I need you to get a photo of the girl to cane so he can find her.

Kevin: Where's the photo?

Billy: It involves hacking into a computer.

Kevin: Easy enough. Whose?

Billy: Victor's.

Kevin: Breaking into victor's computer? That is... bananas.

Billy: Are you saying you can't do it?

Kevin: No. (Scoffs) I can do it. But the risk? I mean, if victor finds out--

Billy: No, no, no, you're not gonna get-- you--no, no, no. He's not gonna find out. Not if you're as good as you say you are.

Kevin: Hmm. No, I'm not gonna do it.

Billy: Oh, come on, man. This whole mess could be over.

Kevin: We're already over.

Billy: Look, I could come out of hiding. I could see my kid with my own face.

Kevin: Eh, do us all a favor and have plastic surgery.

Billy: You could stop lying to Chloe. I could try to explain to Victoria.

Kevin: Look, even if we worked this out, neither of them would ever talk to us again.

Billy: We'll never know unless we find this girl Chelsea. Everything hinges on you getting that photo to cane so he can find her, so come on, man. Help me make this right.

Kevin: Billy, I don't care about you.

Billy: Yeah? But you'll do it.

Kevin: (Scoffs) oh, you're that sure of me, huh?

Billy: I'm sure of what Delia and Chloe mean to you.

Kevin: I'll see you, Billy.

Billy: Hey. Because we're the same. We're willing to do anything it takes for our family. So you'll do it. You'll do it for them.

Kevin: (Sighs)

Murphy: Ahh, our own little wounded warrior came through, didn't she?

Kay: (Laughs) oh, I'll never forget all those hospital visits...

Murphy: Mm.

Kay: When Delia was so weak, she could barely open her eyes, but she always ended each and every visit by telling me that she was gonna get better soon because she knew how much I missed our tea parties.

Murphy: Aw, you know, with me, it was fishing. Uh, she said she had to come home because she wanted to teach me the right way to fish.

Kay: The right way?

Murphy: Yeah, after you hook 'em and you reel 'em in, you have to throw them back.

Kay: (Laughs) well, of course. Every good fisherman knows that.

Murphy: Oh, such innocence, huh?

Kay: Yeah, poor little girl. She couldn't really even understand what was wrong with her.

Murphy: You know, sometimes, it's a blessing not knowing what you're up against.

Kay: Not like those men and women I saw today. The things they have to face... maybe that's why we're sent these reminders now and then about just how fragile it all is.

Murphy: Yeah, at least Nina doesn't have to worry that chance is gonna be sent to one of the world's troubled spots.

Kay: That's true. But she's gonna have to say good-bye to him--again.

Murphy: You know, and the good thing is, that she hasn't taken this time for granted. And Chloe, she's in the hospital sending prayers of thanks upstairs because she's got a second chance with her daughter.

Kay: And we certainly know she won't squander it.

Murphy: Like you have?

Kay: My sons are healthy and safe.

Murphy: Yeah, but one of them considers you his enemy.

Kay: When he considers me at all.

Murphy: Listen, I know you were crushed because tucker didn't invite you to the wedding, but instead of whining about it--

Kay: I never whine.

Murphy: (Sighs) you encouraged Paul to reach out to Ricky.

Kay: There's hope for the two of them. And it's no use crying over tucker. Things'll never change between us.

Murphy: All right, listen. I-I know you don't whine. But you mope.

Kay: I do not.

Murphy: Yes, you are carrying a planet of regret over tucker.

Kay: You're accusing me of feeling sorry for myself?

Murphy: No. No, I'm not. I'm reminding you that you have a choice.

Kay: That being?

Murphy: Either wash your hands of tucker once and for all. Don't look back.

Kay: Well, I can't wait to hear the other option.

Murphy: Well, the other is, stop playing this game, and fight to have a relationship with your boy.

Kay: Why would you want me to do that? You don't even like tucker.

Murphy: No, but he is your son. And despite all that you've done to each other, you want him in your life, and you both know that.

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