Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 11/8/11

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 11/8/11


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Gloria: Those drinks are coming right up and two Cobb salads. One more minute.

Gloria: Oh, Kevin, thank heavens. Here, quick. Put this on.

Kevin: Where is everybody? Oh, wait, I know-- working somewhere they probably get paid.

Gloria: Listen, I do not need to hear a lecture now about "how could you trust Jeffrey with your money" what I need is a cola, a house red, and a Manhattan."

Kevin: I am not working here.

Gloria: Now.

Kevin: What are you doing?

Gloria: I am working an idea. If I beef up Angelo with lots of appetizers and champagne gratis, he may give me lots of cash.

Kevin: No. Not gratis. The guy is a loan shark. The vig alone is 20% a week.

Gloria: The vig? You mean the dog?

Kevin: God. Mom, if you need money, call Michael, ask him for money. What's--

Gloria: Absolutely not, because I can see it now. "Really, Gloria? Really? It would have had better sense than to trust Jeffrey with all your money."

Kevin: Oh, right, and a verbal smackdown from Michael is way worse than say, dancing on the bottom of a river wearing cement shoes.

Gloria: You watch too much TV, Angel. (Chuckles) Cement shoes. Silly. Put that jacket on.

Kevin: (Sighs)

Angelina: Listen, this whole "star making" thing ain't gonna take up all your time. Got another job for ya.

Devon: Huh? What?

Angelina: (Chuckles) Hook me up with your buddy.

Devon: With Kevin? He's engaged.

Angelina: Didn't you hear Daddy? What Angie wants, Angie gets. I... want... Kevin.

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