Best Y&R Lines Monday 11/7/11

Y&R Best Lines Monday 11/7/11


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Avery: That was a very interesting negotiating style you have, Mr. Newman.

Nick: (Sighs) (sighs) well, the first rule of a successful negotiation is to only accept a creative outcome.

Avery: Then by that standard, I'd say we were very successful. No one could have predicted this outcome.

Nick: Yeah. (Sighs)

Avery: So what's next?

Phyllis: Are you still gonna tell me nothing's going on between you two?

Nick: Well, actually, when I told you that, it was true.

Phyllis: You didn't waste any time making it untrue, did you?

Phyllis: What re you doing? I guess you're gonna tell me it's my fault, aren't you? And, you know, I think it is my fault. I think it is, because I told you I had issues with Avery. And you seem to find that irresistible in a woman.

Nick: What are you talking about?

Phyllis: I'm talking about all of these women, all of them-- Sharon, Diane, Avery. They all have two tings in common-- they hate me and they all seem to have sex with you.

Nick: This is not about you.

Phyllis: It's entirely about me! This is all about me, all of this. You're angry at me, so you lash out like this. (Sighs)

Nick: No, no, no.

Phyllis: Yes, yes. Yes. There's--there's no way you could have hurt me more than this. There is no way. My god, given-- giver history and our marriage... (sighs)

Nick: No one set out to hurt you. It just...

Phyllis: No one set out to hurt me? Really? Because I gave you a phone call. I called you, and Avery picked up. She told me exactly where you were, and where to find you. I said I was on my way over here, and she said, "Okay, sure." She didn't do that to hurt me? You have no idea what you're talking about regarding her. No idea. But you probably get off on this, don't you? You probably really get off on his--somebody hurting me.

Nick: All right, that's enough. That's enough.

Phyllis: Somebody twisting--

Nick: That's enough!

Phyllis: No, it's not enough! I'll tell you when it's enough! (Sighs)

Nick: Why-- why'd you even call?

Phyllis: Why'd I call? You know why I called? I called because I was calling to help you. (Voice cracks) I was calling to help you. (Normal voice) I'm an idiot. No more. You're on your own

Nick: Look, say what you gotta say.

Phyllis: I was with Ronan, and... (scoffs) you know what? No. I'm not gonna leave. You don't have my back. You never have my back-- ever, ever. At the magazine, in our marriage, never. I'm gonna say this to you now. You got it? You don't protect me! You don't care, obviously! (Sighs) you don't protect me with the story about Devon, the pictures of Adam and heather. You don't care. And I came here to tell you that you've just jumped up a few notches on Ronan's suspect list. Yeah, that's what I came here to tell you. Somebody sent the audio of you threatening Diane. How about that?

Nick: He told you that?

Phyllis: No, I was in his office. I heard it on speakerphone.

Nick: (Sighs) I should have been straightforward with Ronan from the beginning like Michael told me to. Did you tell him the whole story?

Phyllis: No, I didn't tell him the whole story. I protected you. Don't expect that to continue.

Nick: Are you-- part of the reason I was in that park arguing with Diane was 'cause she attacked you. Did you forget that part?

Phyllis: Oh, you're so lovely, nick. You're so noble and wonderful. Thank you. I suppose you're gonna tell me that, uh, you killed Diane for me, and I wouldn't put it past you right now.

Nick: I was not the one chasing her with a rock that night. Did you forget that part? Did you? Did you tell Ronan that? Did you tell Ronan about the footage in the warehouse?

Phyllis: No, I didn't.

Nick: Then don't. Look, I appreciate you telling me that Ronan got that call. I do.

Phyllis: Go to hell.

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