Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 11/1/11

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 11/1/11


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Chance: Morning.

Ronan: Morning. What's up?

Chance: I just got word... (Sighs) Atkinson's been transferred to Barwon Prison in Australia.

Ronan: That's good. That's very good news.

Chance: Yeah. Plenty of crime lords there to keep him company for a while.

Ronan: That's right. He'll feel right at home, won't he?

Chance: (Chuckles) More so than you felt the other night? Dinner with mom and me? Hmm?

Ronan: It was fine.

Chance: Yeah, it was great. It was a blast-- for the five minutes that you were there.

Ronan: Hey, I mean, duty called.

Chance: Fine. Let's reschedule.

Ronan: You need to stop pushing this on me.

Chance: No, I don't.

Ronan: Chance, all right, Nina has you, all right?

The son, the perfect son, the son every mother could want. There doesn't need to be a relationship between me and her, so just stop it, please. It's a bad idea.

Chance: The hell it is.

Ronan: I hear you got a new job. Congrats. You leaving town soon?

Chance: (Sighs)

Chance: Well, when I do, it's not gonna be in the middle of the night without even saying good-bye to mom.

Ronan: I'm sure it won't be, because you and her are very close. You have been your whole life. It's a little different situation over here.

Chance: Ronan, she wants to get close to you, too. And deep down, I truly believe that you want to get to know her better. Otherwise, why would you have shown up the other night?

Ronan: Well, I was just hungry, chance.

Chance: Oh, come on. Ronan, what is holding you back here, man? I mean, what has you so petrified from opening up just a little bit to mom?

Ronan: If you're done playing psychologist on me, I have a case I need to be working on.

Chance: Okay, yeah, get up. Walk away. That's--that's right. This is the job where you get to ask all the questions, and no one else gets to, right? Huh? Is that how it is? Is that how Ronan operates? You know what? Here's the thing-- maybe the reason why you won't answer mine is because you don't simply have an answer at all. Is that it? I mean, is that why you're so walled off, Ronan? From me? Mom? Everyone? Because if that's the reason, if that's the answer, that's really sad to think about, man. You're just a detective, a guy with a badge, who doesn't have a clue. (Scoffs)

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