Best Y&R Lines Monday 10/31/11

Y&R Best Lines Monday 10/31/11


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Sharon: Adam, no. Whatever it is, no.

Adam: We didn't get to finish our conversation the other day.

Sharon: That's because I had to go to court to fight for my life.

Adam: It's Halloween.

Sharon: Yeah, and I'm not wearing a costume.

Adam: There wasn't some little part of you that knew I would show up? That I would come here tonight of all nights?

Sharon: Honestly, I try not to think about you at all. Obsessing about the anger and the hate and the resentment between the two--

Adam: I don't hate you. I've proven that. As a matter of fact, I've even helped you in ways you don't even know about.

Sharon: Oh, yeah, Adam, you have proven your warm feelings for me in so many ways. Let's see. You have hidden or destroyed evidence that could clear me. You've--you've testified against me. And let's not forget that you--you swore to me that you would stand by me till death do us part, until the final moment when you laughed in my face about how much you actually hate me.

Adam: It feels like a lifetime ago. It was only a few years ago-- Halloween. We were at the house that you rented. We were handing out candy to kids and drinking wine. You were asking me questions-- questions about my mother, the farm, what it was like slowly going blind. And I had hurt you then. You just didn't know it. And I've hurt you since. It's like you said-- anger, resentment, but still, there's a piece of you that has to know that you can still trust me.

Sharon: What do you want?

Adam: Halloween with you has given me some of the best memories I'll ever have. And what I want to know... put all the other crap aside and tell me the truth. Am I alone feeling this way?

Sharon: No. You're not alone.

Billy: Ow!

Kevin: You are not here. Victor exiled you across the planet.

Billy: This is rented! Victor's not god. He just thinks he is. So I'll go when I'm ready.

Kevin: Being seen by your ex-wife or your kid, that's not a big deal.

Billy: I thought you wanted me to stick around.

Kevin: I wanted you to come clean and stop playing this stupid game, Billy.

Billy: Game? Man, what game? I'm Santa, baby, and you could be my elf. Now let's go see my baby. Come on.

Kevin: I am not your elf. I am not your buddy. I am not your sidekick, okay? Now I am taking Chloe to a party at jimmy's, and you and your elves can stay here and run amok.

Billy: Whoa, somebody snaked my party at jimmy's? Who? Why? Huh?

Kevin: Yeah, Victoria, because, well, because you're not here.

Billy: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I-it wasn't because she wanted to remember me? Was it to flip me off?

Kevin: I don't know. Get your beard outta my face.

Billy: (Grunts) Ow!

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