Best Y&R Lines Thursday 10/27/11

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 10/27/11


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Chance: Yeah, with the case.

Ronan: Yeah, speaking of case, um, I need a--have another one here that I need to be working on, so if you don't mind--

Chance: Not--not until we talk, okay?

Ronan: Look, chance, if you're looking for a thank-you from me--

Chance: Ronan, you don't owe me squat, okay?

Ronan: Good. Then we're done with everything.

Chance: You know, if you want to be an ungrateful ass to me, that's fine. I can take it. But don't be that way to our mom.

Adam: You mean ride her to rescue? No, I'll leave that to you and my brother here.

Sam: Yeah, that's what I figured. I'll catch you later.

Nick: See you.

Adam: (Sighs)

Nick: Adam, you never gave up on Sharon. Even after the first trial when she was convicted, you helped her escape. Right or wrong, you refused to let her go to prison for a crime she didn't commit. Then when they were trying to say that she killed herself, it was your idea to go to new Mexico to get that reversed. You were the only one who kept trying to prove she was innocent. You did everything you could for her.

Adam: I was a fool in love, Nicholas.

Nick: You were the man that, frankly, none of us ever thought you could be, but Sharon did.

Adam: It was a mirage, smoke and mirrors.

Nick: I hope not... for Sharon's sake, because she needs you to be that man again to step up and clear her name, like you could have done this whole time.

Adam: And what then? Everyone lives happily ever after? Except for the... black sheep half brother?

Nick: You're always gonna be that.

(Cell phone rings)

Adam: Yeah?

Billy: Look, I made a deal with Victor. I know what it is.

Kevin: Ahh, so Billy is going to bail again. There's a surprise. You know, I thought almost losing your kid would have been enough to knock some sense into you.

Billy: Stop. Do you think I like this?

Kevin: Uh, dumping your responsibilities, drinking, gambling? Yeah, I think you do.

Billy: Leaving Victoria and DeeDee isn't my first choice, but it's the only choice I have, thanks to victor.

Kevin: You're letting him make it that that's your only choice. Here's a crazy idea-- come clean with your wife.

Billy: (Chuckles) You mean my ex-wife. I'm sure she signed those papers by now.

Kevin: Well, then get her to unsign 'em.

Billy: Look, man, it's done, okay? Besides, everybody else is better off without me. If I just leave, it's better.

Kevin: Oh, right, yeah, sure, and it's easier than, you know, coming clean with Victoria, telling her what actually went down in Asia, and telling victor to take a hike.

Billy: I'm not afraid of him.

Kevin: (Laughs) Then why are you running?

Billy: Because if I don't run, he's gonna make Vicki's life a living hell.

Kevin: And it's not gonna be a living hell if you actually do leave? You really, really are stupid.

Ronan: Don't you have a general or somebody like that that you need to be checking in with?

Chance: Look, I'm going over to mom's for dinner. Come with me.

Ronan: No.

Chance: Why?

Ronan: Because she'll think it means something.

Chance: And that would be just so terrible, wouldn't it?

Ronan: Chance, I already had a mom, okay? I've told you this before. I had a really good mom, and Nina can't just step in and take her place.

Chance: Why did you even come here?

Ronan: I said no, okay?

Chance: You think you can just roll into town here? You think you can just check us out, take half my liver, and then just dump us as freely as you want?

Ronan: Yeah, pretty much.

Chance: What the hell is your problem? Ronan, why are you such an ass? Huh? I don't know, maybe you're not. Maybe you are. Maybe you're not. I don't know. You know why I don't know? It's because you won't let anyone get close enough to find out!

Ronan: Okay, I'm gonna clear things up for you right now, all right? It's the first one. I'm an ass! So stop wastin' those brain cells of yours trying to figure me out, okay?

Chance: Fine. You know what? Don't worry about it. I won't. Not again.

Ronan: And give "Mom" the message, too!

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