Best Y&R Lines Thursday 10/20/11

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 10/20/11


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Jill: I had an idea in the bathroom.

Colin: Yeah?

Jill: It's one that might satisfy...

Colin: (Sighs)

Jill: Both of our problems.

Colin: Both of our problems satisfied in the bathroom? Well, I'm likin' this.

Jill: Yeah, see, a hot bath would relax you...

Colin: Mm.

Jill: And I wouldn't be lonely. Plus, it's very green. We'd be saving water.

Colin: You're the only person I know that can make aches and pains and the environment sound sexy.

Jill: (Laughs) oh, you just wait.

Colin: Mm. How long?

Jill: Come join me in the bath.

Colin: I'm halfway there.

Jill: Okay.

Colin: The clock is ticking.

Jill: Okay, I'll join you soon. (Sighs)

Tucker: You really think Ashley's gonna take your side against me?

Jack: You'd really ask her to choose?

Ashley: I sure hope he doesn't. I mean, you did agree that if jack helped you get jabot away from Katherine that you would sell the company back to him. So what is there to talk about, tucker?

Tucker: Well, I'd be a lousy businessman and a damn fool if I didn't at least consider this--

Jack: Forget it. Forget it. I'll just call my lawyer.

Tucker: No, no, jack. Save your thousand bucks. I gave you my word. Here it is. The jabot sales contract signed and executed. Get it while it's hot.

Tucker: You were next on my to-do list.

Ashley: (Laughs)

Jack: It's all here in black-and-white. After all this time... (sighs) jabot is back in the Abbott family.

Ashley: Daddy would be so proud. I'm so happy.

Jack: (Sighs) I was the one that talked him into taking the company public in the first place. I can still see the look on his face when he realized victor had taken everything from him. I told him I'd get it back one day. I did it.

Ashley: You did it.

Jack: We gotta call Traci and Billy and-- I can't believe we don't have a way to get a hold of Billy. (Sighs)

Ashley: It's okay. When he gets back in town, we're all gonna go out and celebrate, right?

Jack: The whole family. God, I wish dad were here.

Ashley: He is, you know.

Jack: Jabot is ours again.

Tucker: (Sighs)

Ashley: Ta-da

Tucker: Big day. Big day for the Abbotts. Finally getting' the family company back.

Ashley: Yeah, and not just that. You did the right thing.

(Glasses clink)

Tucker: You were afraid I wouldn't?

Ashley: Mm, well, I told jack that you were an honorable man, that if you gave your word, it meant something.

Tucker: Yeah, but you were worried that I would choose money over decency.

Ashley: Maybe? (Laughs)

Tucker: Yeah.

Ashley: You had to be tempted by that other offer. Tell the truth.

Tucker: Yeah, well, there was a time when I would have snatched it up. The hell with promises and commitments.

Ashley: Yeah, so... so what changed?

Tucker: Well... (sighs) you know, I thought that jabot was important to you and jack because it was the last thing you had left of your dad. But today I saw... I saw what he really gave you. Now I don't know what you call it. I don't even know how to describe it. But I just know that I don't want McCall, unlimited to be the only legacy I leave my son.

Cane: So what happened while I was gone? What'd I miss?

Ronan: Oh, not much. A couple more deer. Jack Abbott showed up.

Cane: What's he doin' here?

Ronan: At the moment? He's showing Genevieve how passionate he is about her couch.

Cane: (Sighs) Well, that's great, isn't it? There's wildlife out here, and the wild life's going on inside there. And we're not even close to catching my father. (Sighs)

Ronan: You're not a very patient man, are you?

Cane: Oh, I'm patient. I've waited years for this.

Ronan: And? How'd it go with lily?

Cane: She's furious with me.

Ronan: Funny, isn't it? Tragic, really, how it sucks to be noble.

Cane: Yeah. Yeah, it kills me not to be able to just tell her the truth.

Ronan: Well, I would take a figurative death over a real one any day.

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