Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 10/18/11

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 10/18/11


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Victoria: Um, listen. I know that you're probably sick and tired of hearing this, but what you did for Delia was truly, truly incredible, and if Billy knew about it, I know that he'd be grateful, and he probably wouldn't call you a-a rodent anymore. At least he wouldn't call you it to your face.

Kevin: Thanks. Thanks for stopping by.

Victoria: Because the truth of the matter is... is that Billy is the rat, and I'm really angry at him right now, and I truly thought that he had changed, and I thought that he had matured a lot, but after this disappearing act, I'm telling you, if I saw him again, I would definitely tell him what a disappointment he's been in my life.

Kevin: Um, look, my mom is gonna be here to pick me up soon, and I have to finish packing.

Victoria: Oh. Oh, yeah. Of course. I'm sorry. Um, do you need any help with anything?

Victoria: I don't get it. Where could they be? I left them right here?

Sam: Hey. (Sighs) I'm gonna head over to Sharon's trial. Keely's in the backyard chewin' on that rawhide bone that you gave him. Can I help you find something?

Victoria: My... (scoffs) I could have sworn I left my papers on the table right there. But I can't find them anywhere, and-- oh, you don't think that-- he couldn't have. But he's going through that "chewing through everything in his path" phase. You don't think that the dog-- oh, Sam, I--that's it. I think--I think that-- I think the dog ate-- (Sighs)

Sam: Your homework?

Victoria: My divorce papers.

Sam: Oh, okay.

Victoria: Yeah, "Oh."

Sam: I am sorry about that.

Victoria: No, it's okay. It's okay.

Sam: I know that, uh, I know that you mentioned you were gonna take action, but, uh--

Victoria: Yeah, and I did. The papers are all drawn up and... (sighs) if I could just find them, all I have to do is sign the last page, and my marriage is over. (Sighs

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