Best Y&R Lines Monday 10/17/11

Y&R Best Lines Monday 10/17/11


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Phyllis: Oh, hey.

Malcolm: (Sighs) hi.

Phyllis: Rough morning?

Malcolm: (Sighs) Phyllis, that baby... oh, with his little fat cheeks and his dark eyes... I could photograph him for days and never get a bad shot. But he's not mine. He's not mine. It's like... it's like I've lost a brother, a wife, and a son, all at the same time.

Adam: You really don't live up to the hype if you're coming to me for help.

Avery: Why are you so bent on vengeance? Because a-a woman who was scared and lonely took a little kindness? Took a little friendship? You know, you're not exactly a couple, Adam, when one of you is presumed dead.

Adam: Mm. A little--little kindness. Yeah, that's quite a euphemism.

Avery: Oh, God, the moment she got back, it was over with Sam. She was willing. She was eager to remarry you. Of course, she didn't know it was a trick. But your pride-- my God, is this what your pride is worth to you? Really? A murder conviction and--and decades in prison for somebody you claim you love? If something doesn't go Sharon's way, all we can do is hope for a mistrial.

Adam: Tough girl running scared.

Avery: Yeah, I tend to do that when I think that someone who's innocent is gonna spend the rest of their lives suffering for a crime they didn't commit. And you know what? If you were half human, you'd be scared, too.

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