Best Y&R Lines Thursday 10/13/11

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 10/13/11


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Jack: It's a safe. I-I don't get it. Why would someone send you this?

Colin: Because someone thinks it's funny.

Genevieve: Or perhaps they're celebrating a great big windfall

Colin: If I wasn't such a gentleman, I would dearly stuff this in your face.

Jill: Oh, don't hold back on my account.

Gloria: Oh, no, no, stop it. I'm still cleaning up after Sharon and Phyllis' chocolate catfight. If you two can' trusted around this much icing--

Jack: No, no, they'll-- they'll behave. I promise. I would love some answers, though, on this, uh, wine cellar business

Jill: Yeah, so would we all.

Gloria: You know, Colin was convinced you were the one tat locked us in that wine cellar. Of course, I didn't believe it at the time.

Jack: What--what you were involved n this, too?

Genevieve: I am so sorry for the stress that you endured, Gloria. I had no idea that you had wandered into that mess.

Jill: Aha. So you admit you locked him up.

Genevieve: I think it's perfectly possible that somehow he got trapped in the wine cellar as I was heaving town.

Colin: Come on. Why hold back? I mean, you went to so much trouble in orchestrating this.

Jill: Yeah, including the big setup afterward to make me believe he was with you-- texting me from his phone, sending me those flowers, bragging that he couldn't leave you alone. You even bought him a ticket on your flight and left the boarding pass on the computer so I'd be sure to see it.

Gloria: Last-minute plane tickets can cost a fortune.

Genevieve: Oh, do tell, Colin. Tell everyone how I have wronged you. I think they will find it fascinating.

Jill: Boy, I have known some vicious people, but you really--

Genevieve: Take the cake, huh?

Gloria: (Laughs)

Tucker: You know, I have a lot of baggage from my own childhood. Maybe deep down, I was afraid to find you because I realized that all the things I... blamed Katherine for, I was guilty of myself.

Tucker: I see now how wrong that thinking was. You deserved a father, a decent upbringing. And kick myself every day now because I didn't provide that for you

Tucker: (Sighs) Especially when I had so much to offer I think we could have been close.

Devon: I have heard your apology, and I accept it, but there's no point dwelling on things we can't change now.

Tucker: Well, how do you know we can't change it if we don't try?

Devon I think you should go, cause, uh... there's really nothing else to say.

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