Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 10/12/11

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 10/12/11


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Gloria: I couldn't help overhearing earlier.

Jill: Oh, please. I saw your ears flapping over there.

Gloria: The idea of you and Genevieve working together is, uh, crazy. I mean, you hate the woman.

Jill: Well, I can barely tolerate you, and yet I still eat here. It's amazing what you can suck up when you have to.

Gloria: More coffee, Jack?

Jack: I'd love a little privacy.

Genevieve: Oh. Couldn't wait to get your hands on me, could you?

Colin: You stole from me.

Genevieve: Your heart? That was many years ago.

Colin: You stuck me in a wine cellar and then looted money from my accounts.

Genevieve: (Gasps) It's diabolical.

Colin: Did you get off on the idea of locking me in the same room with the safe that had all my account information in it? And where did you get the idea to use a combination that's the same date that we first had sex?

Genevieve: I thought that you might appreciate that, being that you're the only one who would know about it. I think that... details matter. Don't you?

Colin: Nobody gets the better of me.

Genevieve: Oh, I just did.

Colin: And I'm just meant to stand around and take it?

Genevieve: Oh, you're gonna take it. And not just from me.

Colin: You got a partner?

Genevieve: Our son is still after ya. It was Ethan who blew that safe open. It's true. He must have thought that the house was empty, but my housekeeper was here, and Myrna is just so discreet, but she did see him leaving with the ledgers, and he wasn't alone. He was with that detective. What's his name again? The one who's handling the investigation of Diane Jenkins' murder.

Colin: Malloy.

Genevieve: Mm. I'm the least of your problems, honey.

Billy: Yeah, all right? Yeah, I went and checked up on my wife, okay? Huge mistake.

Kevin: (Scoffs) What else, Billy? What else have you done?

Billy: I also called her.

Kevin: (Scoffs) On a phone that I got you for emergencies only.

Billy: It felt like an emergency at the time, Kevin.

Kevin: Well, what did you say to her?

Billy: (Clears throat) Nothing, actually. She didn't even know it was me. I just... (clears throat)

Kevin: You know what I think?

Billy: No, I don't know what you think. I don't care what you think. I really don't want to hear what you think.

Kevin: Well, I'm gonna tell you, anyway. I think you're trying to get caught. I think you want to get caught. Admit it, you want to put victor through a wall.

Billy: Doesn't everybody want to put victor through a wall?

Kevin: And you hate him for roping you into this insane arrangement. You probably hate yourself for doing whatever it is you did that give victor this kind of power over your life.

Billy: Which doesn't add up to me wanting to get caught, Kevin.

Kevin: And you're stuck in here 24/7. You gotta be thinking to yourself, what if it all came out? Would it really be that big a deal?

Billy: It would really be that big a deal, man. It's a big deal. It's not gonna come out. I won't let it.

Kevin: Right, because your screwed-up life is not the priority here. Delia's is. And you can't forget that for even a second.

Billy: Kevin, I haven't forgotten that, okay? That's why I told cane to keep his mouth shut. That's why I hung up the phone when I first called my wife. And that's why I'm not gonna piss off victor before Delia gets her transplant. And I understand what's going on here, okay?

Kevin: Okay. Then why do you keep taking these chances?

Billy: I don't know, man. Because... (sighs) everybody in my life is hurting. I mean, look, every day, I want to hold my little girl. I want to call Katherine and my mom and the rest of my family and tell 'em that I'm here for 'em, but I can't do that. And my wife-- my wife--I want to tell her that I still love her, and I'm sorry that I left, but it doesn't change anything. I want to beg her not to give up on me. But I can't do that, because I ruined everything, and I know it. I know why I'm here. I haven't forgotten that. I want Delia to get well. That's why I'm here. Do you got that?

Kevin: I got it.

Victor: I know you were extremely committed to this marriage. Hard to let go of even now, I guess. Hmm.

Victoria: Well done, dad. You managed to say those words without choking. Very good. (Chuckles) when what you really wanted to say was, "sign those papers, and tell them to expedite the divorce right away."

Victor: You're damn right.

Victoria: (Chuckles)

Victor: Sweetheart, closure is a good thing. Okay? But don't rush it.

Victoria: Thank you for understanding and not pushing. Thank you. You're a good papa.

Victor: Mm. (Sighs)

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