Best Y&R Lines Friday 10/7/11

Y&R Best Lines Friday 10/7/11


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Malcolm: In love with Neil? As many times as you stood in my face and denied that?

Sofia: I don't want to be.

Malcolm: Oh, Sofia, I knew it. I knew it. You'd have never slept with him if there wasn't something there.

Sofia: But don't blame Neil. He had no interest in any kind of relationship with me, exc-- except for--

Malcolm: Except for what? Except for--for-- for possibly bein' the father of your child?

Sofia: Malcolm, he couldn't regret that any more than he already does, and I told you what he said. And we know it would be best for everybody if this baby is yours.

Malcolm: Yeah, that had to hurt, huh?

Sofia: Don't let my idiot mistakes screw up your relationship with your brother. Your family needs you, especially Neil.

Malcolm: Whatever that means, Sofia.

Sofia: Well, if you want to know, I'll tell you, because I am done keeping things from you.

Malcolm: Sofia, I don't care what you do, all right?

Sofia: Devon just found out tucker's his father.

Kay: You've come to chew me out about Devon.

Tucker: You tried to deprive me of my own son. Now I knew you were heartless, but this?

Kay: Heartless? Oh, that's rich coming from you, after you just helped put me in this hospital.

Tucker: It's one thing to wrangle over business, Katherine.

Kay: None of this has to do with business. None of it. Now you've thrown it in my face over and over again that I abandoned you, didn't come to look for you, and that's the real reason you targeted me and my company. But did you ever put any real effort into trying to find your son? No, you did not. And you have no right, no right whatsoever to condemn me.

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