Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 10/5/11

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 10/5/11


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Tucker: Jill, tell me what's going on with Katherine and Devon.

Jill: (Scoffs) He's a nice young man. She's mentoring him.

Tucker: She started a record company for him.

Jill: She likes him.

Tucker: She likes him so much, she put him in her will?

Jill: (Scoffs) Katherine is unpredictable, Tucker.

Tucker: She's treating him like he's family.

Woman: Both you guys are AB-negative, which is pretty rare.

Can I talk you into donating at the blood drive?

Devon: You, too, huh?

Tucker: Guess we're a rare breed.

Devon: Hmm.

Tucker: Oh, my god. Katherine is treating Devon like he's a member of her family because that's what he is.

Jill: (Scoffs) don't be absurd. You hear random remarks, and you're gonna take it--

Tucker: (Chuckles) no, after my accident, Katherine found out I had a son.

Jill: So what f she did? It doesn't follow that--

Tucker: And Ashley told me that Katherine was trying to find my boy... (Voice cracks) her grandson.

Tucker: (Crying) Jeez oh, my God. Devon's my son.

Jill: No, no, that's not true.

Tucker: Does he know?

Jill: This isn't the time for this anyway.

Tucker: Does Devon know?

Jill: You are wrong. You're wrong about this.

Tucker: Unh-unh. It's the truth. N see it in your face, Jill.

Jill: You should go.

Tucker: I found my son.

Jill: (Sighs)

Tucker: Sof.

Sofia: Hey.

Tucker: I'm sorry I called so late.

Sofia: Oh, no, it's all right. I was up anyway I can't sleep much lately these days.

Tucker: Why is that?

Sofia: (Sighs) eight months full of baby will do that to a woman. (Chuckles)

Tucker: Oh, I'm--I'm sorry. I didn't think of that. I-I'm-- look, sit down. Sit down.

Sofia: Oh, no, no, no. I'm fine. Wh-what, is Ashley asleep?

Tucker: No, um, Abby had kind of a rough day today. Ashley decided to spend the night over there with her.

Sofia: Well, tucker, what is going on? And what is all of this mess? What happened?

Tucker: (Sighs) I found my son.

Sofia: Oh, that's wonderful. Well, where does he live, and when are you gonna go visit him?

Tucker: Sof... it's Devon.

Sofia: Devon? (Scoffs) our Devon?

Tucker: Uh-huh.

Sofia: (Stammers) That's not possible.

Tucker: Well, it--it fits. It fits. He grew up in the foster system, and--and there was no father in the picture--

Sofia: Well so did lots of kids grow up in the foster system. Well, how can you be sure it's Devon?

Tucker: There--there was a woman. There was a woman. We were together for a little while. Devon's the right age.

Sofia: Oh, my god. Wait, have you said anything do him?

Tucker: Not yet.

Sofia: All right, I want you to explain to me how this all went down

Tucker: Okay.

Tucker: Katherine would not have added Devon to her will without absolute proof that he's my child.

Sofia: Well, that's true, but we need to verify--

Tucker: I've gotta find Devon.

Sofia: Tonight?

Tucker: Why wait?

Sofia: You can't wake him up with some theory.

Tucker: It's not a theory. The pieces fit.

Sofia: Not well enough to dump this on him. Y-you should talk to Neil first.

Tucker: No, Neil will try to stall me.

Sofia: Well, he should stall you. He's Devon's dad. He might have some insight on how this might affect Devon.

Tucker: I've been waiting for this for years. I'm not draggin' my feet now.

Sofia: (Scoffs) getting his mother pregnant does not make you a parent.

Tucker: You might be carrying Neil's child. Does that skew your loyalties?

Sofia: Skew my loyalties? No, I am showing some objectivity here. You--you should do the same thing then you'd know what you're overlooking.

Tucker: What's that?

Sofia: You knew that woman had given birth to your child, and yet with all your money and resources, you couldn't locate him?

Tucker: I tried to locate him for years.

Sofia: Yeah, you tried and failed, failed just like Katherine failed you. And you know how that feels.

Tucker: Yes, I do. And you don't.

Sofia: Think about what this will do to Devon.

Tucker: (Sighs) he's my son. I know his name. I know where he lives. How can I sleep? Hon I do anything?

Sofia: Tucker...

Tucker: When he asks me, I'll be able to say with complete honesty that as soon s I knew, I didn't wait. I came runnin'. Now I'm gonna go find my son.

Billy: (Sighs) I'm dressed up like a doctor. But it was the only way I could sneak in here. I stopped by Delia's room. I was hoping I could, uh steal a few moments with her, but... Chloe was in there sleeping, so that didn't... work out. She looked so tiny surrounded by all that equipment. I am gonna be able to help her. She's gonna get out of here. This is killing me, Katherine. I mean... (sighs) if you even know that I'm here, that I care, that I-I can't really be here in any way that matters.

Billy: I'm sure you're wondering why, uh, I'm hiding out. (Sighs) well, it's no surprise that I screwed up yet again, only this time, it's--it's really bad. And I miss Victoria. I am almost certain tat she won't be able to forgive me for this. It doesn't seem like she really misses me anyway. So... I can't stay long. I have to--I have to go. But I'm hoping, um, you know I'm here, somewhere deep down inside, that you know I'm sitting here and it helps in some sort of way.

Billy: What do you say? You want to come back to us? Huh? It's about time to get up and get out of here. What do you think? You want to come home? You want to get up? All right, well, I guess when you're ready.

Billy: I love you, Grandma.

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