Best Y&R Lines Thursday 9/22/11

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 9/22/11


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Jill: You know what? I think, um, we dived into this... whatever this is... a little prematurely, 'cause you obviously have a lot of stuff to work out... with Genevieve.

Colin: Well, there are some matters that.. I need to resolve.

Jill: Yeah, and you want to resolve them personally, don't you? That sounds a little bit like that famous foreplay to me.

Colin: My business with Genevieve has nothing to do with romance. That's-- it's over between us.

Jill: Yeah, so you keep telling me.

Colin: This is all about keeping you and I apart because she knows how serious I am about you.

Jill: Re you telling me that she kidnapped you to keep you away from another woman? She ever done this before?

Colin: She never had any reason to... till you.

Jill: You crazy Aussie. That is one of the most romantic things anybody's ever said to me.

Colin: Thank you.

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