Best Y&R Lines Monday 9/19/11

Y&R Best Lines Monday 9/19/11


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Colin: So... why do you think Jill... isn't looking for me?

Gloria: Well, considering she has proof that she has proof that you skipped town with your ex...

Colin: Why would I go anywhere with Genevieve?

Gloria: Because passion never dies, my friend. Jill has a lot of faults, but she's no fool.

Colin: So this is all about keeping me from Jill. Genevieve really is obsessed.

Gloria: Colin, maybe she's trying to protect you from Jill, who is man-hungry and always on the prowl, which is kind of creepy to watch.

Colin: Okay. So we've established that my well is poisoned. Who's looking for you?

Gloria: My men. And they will never give u as long as a loved one is missing. T-shirts and fliers and tearful pleas on TV.

Colin: This is great. So when are they gonna figure out you're here?

Gloria: Jeffrey's in Vegas, and we kinda had a little tiff. Why are so--men so blind when it comes to Jill?

Colin: All right, the staff at Gloworm, yes?

Gloria: They adore me. I told them I needed a few days of "me" time.

Colin: And what about your sons?

Gloria:. Oh, believe you me, they'll notice when I don't return their calls.

Colin: Today? Tomorrow? 2012?

Gloria: When is your son Cane coming to find you?

Colin: This might be a good time to change to a white. What do we got? Hey!

Gloria: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! What is happening? Whoa!

Colin: Well, well, well. Holy craps table, Batman.

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