Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 9/14/11

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 9/14/11


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Abby: Go to work every day, suck up pay for week's on end without even making an arrest. I mean, I do realize that Diane is still dead, but don't you have even the tiniest sense of urgency?

Ronan: Yeah, I mean, a tiny sense of it, but there's this little thing in my way called the constitution. See, it states I can't arrest anybody unless I have actual evidence.

Abby: Tucker had poison sumac all over his hand, but you guys waited too long, and now it's all cleared up.

Ronan: How do you know it was poison sumac? Are you a dermatologist? It could have been poison ivy. It could have been an allergic reaction. It could have been a cluster of nasty mosquito bites. None of these, by the way, place him at the scene.

Abby: Look, I know what I know, okay? And it was poison sumac, from town park, the night he killed Diane.

Ronan: I hate to deflate your sense of self-importance, but "because Abby said so" doesn't cut it with a grand jury. I need solid proof if I'm doing to get an indictment for murder. So it's something that I already asked your help for, actually, but you turned me down flat, remember?

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