Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 8/24/11

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 8/24/11--Canada; Thursday 8/25/11--USA


Provided By Wanda

Colin: I know I said I'd have the attorney do this, but it seemed a little impersonal.

Genevieve: Such compassion. Okay. It certainly seems to be in order.

Colin: That's it?

Genevieve: Would you prefer more drama?

Colin: No, no, no. No, this'll do fine.

Colin: You know, after all the... strum and the drang and what have you, it's ending... like this. I'm sorry, Gen. I know that's completely inadequate, given the hurt involved. But... I-it's sincere.

Genevieve: There was a reason that we loved each other... once.

Colin: Yeah. I'm hoping that through this wreckage, some kind of friendship can be salvaged.

Genevieve: Anything's possible.

Colin: I should be going.

Genevieve: Oh, uh, Colin, by the way, since we're sort of...baring our souls to each other, um, I think there's something that you should probably know. I let it slip to Jill that we slept together the other day. So if you were thinking that by divorcing me you were gonna convince her that you're over me, I don't know. I think maybe you want to rethink that.

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