Best Y&R Lines Thursday 8/4/11

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 8/4/11--Canada; Friday 8/5/11--USA


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Diane: A photograph captures the image of a person... but not the essence. Not surprising, since so few people reveal their true selves to the camera or the world. We fool ourselves into thinking we know someone. The truth is, people lie. Everyone has a secret... A question they don't want to be asked. It's no different in Genoa City. In fact, today, there's one question on everyone's mind. I wasn't prepared to have my life cut so viciously short. If my brains hadn't been bashed in, I'd be racking them, trying to figure out who's responsible for what happened to me. So many people wanted to see me like this. I cannot tell you which one of them did it. I do know I'm dead because of all of them. Life goes on as if my life never existed. I'm gone, brutally murdered. They get up, have their coffee, go to work. It makes you wonder, are they going on as if nothing happened because they're heartless, or because they're guilty?

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