Best Y&R Lines Thursday 7/28/11

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 7/28/11--Canada; Friday 7/29/11--USA


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Man: You want to tell me what happened?

Diane: Yes, well, uh, we had a-a ter-- terrible argument, and he threatened me. He threw that camera right at my head, and I-I barely had time to duck. He said some vicious things to me.

Man: How long have you been divorced?

Diane: The marriage, uh, was annulled just a few weeks ago, and the way it ended was very, very ugly. My ex-husband, he committed adultery before he dumped me, and today, I told him that I had proof. I told--I told him that I had, uh, pictures.

Man: That's Nikki Newman and Victor Newman.

Diane: Yes. You have no idea the hell these two have created in my life. I filed a lawsuit against Nikki earlier today for alienation of affections. And--and that's what set Victor off. That's what made him come charging over here. I showed him the picture. That's when he grabbed the camera, and he threw it at me. I mean, there weren't even any pictures in the camera. I had already taken out the memory card, but he-- he was in such a rage. And I-I was afraid, you know? I really thought he-- I'm asking for your help, 'cause I'm scared he's gonna hurt me.

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