Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 7/26/11

Best Lines of Y&R Tuesday 7/26/11--Canada; Wednesday 7/27/11--USA


Provided By Wanda

Deacon: That was, uh, quite a little blowout you had with "Jackie boy."

Diane: Mm. Have a kid with a guy, he thinks he can run you for the rest of your life.

Deacon: Well, I guess it's nice to see that Victor Newman's not the only high-roller whose wrath you seem to incite.

Diane: Call me an equal-opportunity provoker.

Deacon: Look, Diane, uh, this may not be any of my business, but maybe you ought to just stay away from powerful men.

Diane: Mm. They think the rest of the world was put here to jump when they snap. If you do one little thing without their okay, they completely lose it.

Deacon: Yeah, but see, you just seem to keep on hooking up with them, don't you?

Diane: Well, I'm over them-- Victor, Jack... Tucker.

Deacon: Nick.

Diane: Him, too. I've had it with everybody in this town. Which is why... never mind. (Sighs)

Deacon: What? Come on, tell me. Listen, Diane, I hate those bastards just as much as you do.

Diane: Between us? I'm getting out.

Deacon: What, are you-- you mean you're leaving Genoa City?

Diane: Soon. But before I go, I plan to inflict a world of pain on all those people who've wronged me. And trust me when I tell you, it's a long, long list.

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