Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 7/13/11

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 7/13/11--Canada; Thursday 7/14/11--USA


Provided By Wanda

Diane: It sounds a little risky to me... n-not to mention unsettling.

Adam: You're not thinking about backing out, are you?

Diane: No. I-I didn't say that. I just... I just want to be sure.

Adam: Well, as long as we work together, everything will be fine.

Diane: You and I will be healthy, wealthy, and happy. Isn't that right? And--and Victor will be in jail.

Adam: That is the plan.

Diane: Well, y-you sound confident.

Adam: If we're going to take down Victor Newman, we both have to be very confident. Diane, this can work. You can have enough money that you can leave Genoa City with Kyle. You won't worry about Victor. You won't have to worry about Jack or anyone taking him from you. So what do you say? You in or you out?

Diane: When do we start? When will you have all the details worked out?

Adam: Soon. Maybe even today. No more cold feet, Diane. No more double-crosses.

Diane: You have my word.

Adam: I wish that made me feel a lot better.

Diane: Look... I want to take Victor down just as much as you do.

Adam: This is the way that you can get everything that you want.

Diane: And I look forward to it.

Adam: I'll be in touch.

Diane: Spencer, its Diane Jenkins. Adam knows I spoke to you. Somebody in your office told him that's how. So you better find out who that person is and get rid of them. Yes. Yes, okay, we're-- we're still on. If you can cut me a deal with the S.E.C., then I will give you all the proof you need to bust Adam.

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