Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 6/28/11

Best Lines of Y&R Tuesday 6/28/11--Canada; Wednesday 6/29/11--USA


Provided By Wanda

Diane: Well, now there's an incentive.

Michael: To recant your story?

Diane: To stick to the first one, just to make Victor's life miserable.

Victor: Your... partners in crime may have told you there's nothing to worry about in regard to the S.E.C. Investigation, but I'll tell you, there's plenty to worry about. Okay, but then I know you're their patsy.

Diane: Oh, you know that, d-do you? Yes, according to you, I suppose I am.

Michael: Uh, the S.E.C. Thinks you're the ringleader.

Diane: That's ridiculous.

Michael: You perpetuated the hoax in the ambulance. You're living with Adam. You have a child with Jack. What is ridiculous about you being in the center of the investigation? You have plenty of motive.

Diane: Oh, and like Jack and Adam didn't?

Michael: You want to go down with them? Go right ahead. But you're looking at some serious fines, possible jail time. What's your son gonna do when you're locked up?

Victor: Kyle should not suffer for what you have done.

Michael: Victor's offering you a way out.

Diane: I'll think about it.

Victor: Well, you better think very fast, okay?

Diane: But just an F.Y.I. To the both of you-- when I told the police what I saw, I told them the truth. I saw Ashley drive into Tucker intentionally.

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