Best Y&R Lines Monday 6/20/11

Best Lines of Y&R Monday 6/20/11--Canada; Tuesday 6/21/11--USA


Provided By Wanda

Adam: Me? I only happened upon a-an opportunity. You and Jack, however, you two deliberately manipulated the I.P.O. In order to stick it to my father, and there were witnesses.

Diane: What witnesses?

Adam: Paramedics, Diane. They saw how you lured my father into the ambulance with your fake pregnancy act.

Diane: You set me up.

Adam: If you would have just trusted me the way I trusted you and keep your mouth shut instead of selling information to Jack, you could have talked your way out of this. Instead, it looks like you and Jack conspired. You sabotage my father, Jack makes a bundle of money. The onus is off me, to which you have my undying gratitude.

Diane: Do--do you really think the feds will come after me?

Adam: With daddy dearest leading the charge.

Diane: I'll make a deal with the feds. I'll tell them it was all your idea.

Adam: Your word against mine, and I'm... semi-positive that I can be pretty convincing that you were the one that set me up.

Diane: I set you up?

Adam: You came after me to protect your interests with Kyle's father.

Diane: You paid me off.

Adam: Cash, untraceable.

Diane: We're living together.

Adam: Not enough to indict, really, but I can't say the same will be true for you.

Diane: Everything I've heard about you is true.

Adam: That's funny, coming from you. You were the one who double-crossed me. I wonder how long it'll be until the feds show up.

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