Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 5/17/11

Best Lines of Y&R Tuesday 5/17/11--Canada; Wednesday 5/18/11--USA


Provided By Wanda

Victor: I've asked the staff to pack your bags.

Diane: I'm calling a lawyer.

Victor: You can call a bevy of lawyers if you wish. It's gonna be useless, because they'll tell you the same thing. Our prenuptial agreement will take effect only after the first year of marriage.

Diane: What about all your promises to take care of me, huh?

Victor: You'll land on your feet. Now get your things and get out. What are you looking for?

Diane: My jewelry. It isn't here.

Victor: I know.

Diane: You took it back?

Victor: I want that engagement ring as well.

Diane: This was a gift. They were all gifts.

Victor: Gifts contingent upon the fulfillment of a business contract that is now null and void.

Diane: Because you wanted to end a marriage so you could be with your precious Nikki!

Victor: You leave her out of it, Diane.

Diane: Why should I? You obviously couldn't, which actually surprises me, beca--because you practically begged me to marry you.

Victor: What you and I had was a business arrangement, Diane Jenkins, no more.

Diane: I actually tried to be a good wife to you.

Victor: By arranging a tryst with Tucker McCall?

Diane: I agreed to meet Tucker only after you waved annulment papers in my face.

Victor: And now he's in a coma fighting for his life.

Diane: I told you. He invited me.

Victor: I don't give a damn who invited you. It could have been the devil himself.

Diane: Victor, please don't do this.

Victor: I'm going to call security.

Diane: And where am I supposed to go?

Victor: Who the hell cares? That's your problem. Let's go.

Diane: And just so you know, while you were cozying up to your ex, I paid a visit to mine.

Victor: Jack Abbott?

Diane: Do you remember that night last week when you found out that Abby sold Jack her shares of Newman? I tried to comfort you. And you pushed me away, so I went to Jack Abbot and he let me in.

Victor: After what you told the cops about his sister, he ain't gonna welcome you back.

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