Best Y&R Lines Thursday 5/12/11

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 5/12/11--Canada; Friday 5/13/11--USA


Provided By Wanda

Nikki: Victor, don't you know by now? All I've ever wanted is you.

Nik: Victor, don't shut me out. If you're angry or hurt, just say so.

Victor: What I am is busy.

Nikki: Well, that is unfortunate, because I'm not leaving until you hear what I have to say.

Victor: If you're here to assuage your guilt, do it and get out.

Nikki: The only thing that Deacon and I have in common is our battle to stay sober. Part of my sobriety means forgiveness, so I have decided to forgive Deacon for what he did to me.

Victor: That sleazeball is the reason you started drinking again, all right?

Nikki: Trust me. I have not forgotten that. But it wasn't his plan to ply me with alcohol. That was Meggie, and in the end, he tried to stop that..

Victor: That what he told you?

Nikki: He truly does feel terrible about what happened to me.

Victor: Bring me the violins, will you?

Nikki: You know, none of this matters. None of this changes how I feel about you.

Victor: Why do you keep on fooling yourself? You're not fooling me. Not this time.

Nikki: Deacon means nothing to me. But you... you mean everything.

Victor: You damn well know that can change in a minute. Your world spins out of control, and you go back to the bottle or that sleazeball, or any other man for that matter!

Nikki: How can you be such a bastard?! You have so little faith in me!

Victor: How dare you come here and blame me for it?!

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