Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 5/11/11

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 5/11/11--Canada; Thursday 5/12/11--USA


Provided By Wanda

Tucker: I appreciate the support. Thanks a lot. All right, then. Well, I didn't think you'd come after last night.

Kay: Oh, that little nasty little game? Invoking John Abbott's name, threatening to have Chancellor, um, buy up Newman stock? Over my dead body.

Tucker: Obviously not. It's already done, Katherine. I've been on the phone with the board members all morning. They understand the benefits of this arrangement. Chancellor buys the stock, sells it back to me at a loss. Chancellor gets a tax write-off, and I get a big piece of Newman.

Kay: That is my company, and that is my board! No matter how much interest in Chancellor you stole from me.

Tucker: I think your infatuation with Victor is clouding your judgment. Your board understands that this deal is a win-win, and you've lost, Katherine, whether you admit it or not.

Kay: Why on God's green earth cannot Ashley see it? As smart as she is, she continues to believe that you are one decent human being.

Tucker: I gave you fair warning of my intentions. The truth is, you were so resistant to the idea, I felt obligated to push on. Hell, I could have got a bunch of Newman shares from Jack, but this way seemed cleaner.

Kay: Or was it just more entertaining for you to beat me?

Tucker: You know why you lose? Because it turns your stomach to admit that I might know what I'm doing. You're stubborn, and you're old, and you're sentimental, and that's why you'll keep losing against me until you finally give up the ghost.

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