Best Y&R Lines Friday 5/6/11

Best Lines of Y&R Friday 5/6/11--Canada; Monday 5/9/11--USA


Provided By Wanda

Adam: You're just like Dad. You think you can use money to buy and sell people.

Nick: I'll give you ten times what its worth.

Adam: This isn't about money, Jackass. The place isn't for sale.

Nick: So what, you're just gonna hang out here and try and get to us, try and piss us off?

Adam: That doesn't sound like a bad idea. I can't tell you how happy it makes me when I drive up every day, get up to that guard gate, Frank has to let me in, no questions asked, 'cause I picture Dad late at night reviewin' that security tape and his blood pressure rising as he sees me wave at the camera, and I drive through his property to get to mine. Speaking of Dad, you should talk him into having a checkup with his cardiologist. An old man with a heart transplant like that... It's not too healthy to have an elevated B.P.

Nick: Aren't you tired of wastin' your life here? Move. Go get a job. Get a new life. No one wants you here.

Adam: Sharon did. That's enough for me.

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