Best Y&R Lines Thursday 2/10/11

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 2/10/11--Canada; Friday 2/11/11--USA


Provided By Wanda

sGloria: Somebody's valentine's present has arrived.

Jeff: Oh. It's kinda light. Like a, um, garter belt and stockings. Black? No. Taupe.

Gloria: Ah!

Jeff: Come on. Let's go back to the office.

Gloria: No, no, no, no, no, no. This one... you can open in public. I... bought you... a royal title-- Count Jeffrey Bardwell-- which makes me your countess.

Jeff: Mm. Swell. Yeah, okay, well, I got something to do back at the castle, but before we get into some serious bodice ripping, um, how come our reservation book is naked for tonight? What's wrong with these people? They think they're gonna get lucky without, um, dinner and booze?

Gloria: Well, everybody's just upset-- cane dying and all the various and sordid breakups.

Jeff: Well, what better time to get loaded, ease the pain? We need butts in booths. You know, like the lady said, we gotta get a gimmick.

Gloria: A fund-raiser. Brings all the beautiful and the rich people in. Lots of press besides.

Jeff: Yeah, but--but what do you do? Do you just give the money away, Countess Cuckoo?

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