Best Y&R Lines Thursday 1/27/11

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 1/27/11--Canada; Friday 1/28/11--USA


Provided By Wanda

Jack: To set the record straight, I still think you're a lowlife bastard.

Adam: Well, that's a relief, Jack. As long as we' re clearing the air, I still think you are a sanctimonious jackass.

Jack: Well, I guess it's a good thing that we hate each other just a little bit less than we hate Victor.

Adam: I don't think that guy's gonna like it too much when he realizes the Newman fund is a goldmine again, especially when he was the one who singlehandedly caused the thing to collapse.

Jack: You do realize to pull all this off, we're gonna need some serious ice. Any chance you've figured out where Skye stashed Victor's payoff money?

Adam: Skye, as brilliant as she was, she was a creature of habit. Case in point, she sent away to Monaco for that perfume that she liked, right?

Jack: Yes, which put Sharon on her track, and, uh, off to Hawaii.

Adam: Mm-hmm. Now I got to thinking. If she's a creature of pattern in regards to that, then...

Jack: She would probably follow the same patterns in where she hides her money.

Adam: My money now. If you remember, I said I was her next of kin, her only heir.

Jack: So where is it?

Adam: It was in an offshore account, one of her old passwords. As we speak right now, it's being transferred into an untraceable account of my own. So, Jack, the Newman fund is about to get a serious influx of cash, compliments of my father's blood money.

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