Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 1/26/11

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 1/26/11--Canada; Thursday 1/27/11--USA


Provided By Wanda

Cane: So what did Blake say?

Sofia: Well, what could he say? He didn't write the report. I did. He just stood there with that stupid smile on his face, happy to let me cover for him.

Cane: I'm sorry. If I was there-- if I was there, I maybe--

Sofia: Well, what could you have done? What difference does it make? You need to give Blake a warning. Let him know he needs to do some damage control with tucker now. Otherwise, we're all toast, and he can kiss his payments good-bye.

Cane: Blake knows you're on to him. He doesn't care about the money, okay? He and the men that he works for have me backed up against the wall, and I dragged you there, and I am sorry. You know, I thought... you know, I-I thought that they would come here and they would see how hard I've been working and this life I've created for myself, you know? And then-- and then they couldn't break me, and I thought they would just leave me alone. It's not gonna happen. Well, I'm not gonna break. I will not back down, and neither will they, okay, so there's only one thing left to happen. Everything has to blow sky-high. And I promise you this-- they will not be the ones calling the shots.

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