Best Y&R Lines Thursday 12/2/10

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 12/2/10--Canada; Friday 12/3/10--USA


Provided By Wanda

Sharon: Because you already know the answer.

Nick: I want to hear you say it.

Sharon: I was with Adam. I spent the night with Adam. I made love to Adam.

Nick: I didn't want you to go. But you said you'd go, and then you'd come back, and everything would be great. We would have this life that Cassíe talked about. So I stayed behind, thinking that this is what you really needed. But Adam--Adam knew you better than I did, didn't he? He thought that you would want him there, and he was right.

Sharon: No. Nick, that's not how it was.

Nick: Did you run from me to be with him?

Sharon: No, Nick, I told you the truth. I mean, I-I ran into Ada-- I mean, it doesn't matter what we did, because what matters is that I love you. I want to be with you. I want a life with you and Faith and Noah.

Nick: You left us.

Sharon: I love you, all of you.

Nick: Oh, yeah. You love us so much-- what do you do? You see Adam, and you fall into his arms. You sleep with him. My God, Sharon. You can't even admit it to yourself. You risked everything, everything! To be with him. And that means you want to be with him more than you want to be with me.

Sharon: No, that is not true. I told you. You wouldn't listen to me. It was already over with Adam by the time you ran into us.

Nick: It should have been over the second he stole our baby from us. So if it wasn't over then, Sharon, why the hell would I think it's over now?

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