Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 12/1/10

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 12/1/10--Canada; Thursday 12/2/10--USA


Provided By Wanda

Jack: Come on. Look at you. Just the mere mention of the name Diane, and your blood rushes to your ears.

Phyllis: Do you blame me? That woman tried to destroy my life. More than once. You are exposing my daughter to her.

Jack: Don't be dramatic. She dropped Kyle off. She stayed for dinner. The kids had a great time.

Phyllis: I don't even get this. What, did she do the cooking, Jack? Did--did she wear a little apron that said, "Kiss the cook"? I mean...

Jack: Yeah, over a teddy wearing a garter belt. Why? Is that significant?

Phyllis: It's-- it's not really funny to me. She has ulterior motives.

Jack: Of course she does. So what?

Phyllis: What do you mean, "So what"?

Jack: I don't care about Diane. I invited her here for one reason-- to have more time with Kyle. We ate dinner. They said good-bye. They went home. End of story.

Phyllis: Oh, my God. You're encouraging this.

Jack: She knows better than that. So should you. Look, go to the office. Get your work done. I'll look after Summer. When you come home, if you want to talk about this some more...

Phyllis: Oh, we're definitely gonna talk about this. We're definitely talking about this some more.

Jack: As you wish.

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