Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 11/10/10

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 11/10/10--Canada; Thursday 11/11/10--USA


Provided By Wanda

Billy: You're never gonna guess why Chloe couldn't pick up Delia last night. Let me give you a hint. "Hi, I'm Warden Dolly. Get ready for your strip search."

Chloe: All right, great. I am literally starring in my own remake of "Caged Heat." Morning, pumpkin. We made it through the night.

Kevin: Morning. Thanks for holding my hand.

Chloe: Hey. This "ridonkulous" situation is gonna be over soon, 'cause we didn't do anything wrong. Right?

Billy: Yeah, it is, unless you're doing an undercover story for "Restless Style." No, I didn't think so. So you were in jail all night while Delia was waiting for her mommy to come pick her up so they could watch a fashion show together, right?

Chloe: Okay. Stop making me... feel bad, okay? Look, I-I-I told her to DVR the show, and I knew that she'd be fine if she was staying with you.

Billy: She was fine with me. But what if you're in here another night? What if you're in here another couple of nights? Or a month? Then we have to tell our daughter that the only way she can see her mommy is behind a glass partition.

Chloe: Look, it was just a mistake. I was with Kevin. He was delivering money to some guy, and it turned out that his registration was expired.

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