Best Y&R Lines Monday 10/18/10

Best Lines of Y&R Monday 10/18/10--Canada; Tuesday 10/19/10--USA


Provided By Wanda

Deacon: Hey, what's up?

Meggie: I can tell you what's down-- Nikki.

Deacon: That little cocktail of vodka and self-loathing I served her worked, huh?

Meggie: Oh... And then some. Victor postponed the elopement.

Deacon: Oh, really? Well, if I do say so myself, getting Nikki to think that I was her little drinking buddy-- that was a stroke of genius.

Meggie: How'd you pull it off, Einstein?

Deacon: Well, before I left work last night, I emptied out a bottle of gin. And then I filled it with water, and when Nikki came in and asked for a drink, I poured myself one from my little private reserve, and, uh, the race was on to see who could fall off the wagon faster, and I never even had to leave the starting gate.

Meggie: Taking from the rich and giving to us is gonna be easier than I thought.

Deacon: Yeah, well, before you start spending that money, we still gotta break up the lovebirds.

Meggie: Well, "Mrs. Lovebird" will be knockin' on your door any minute, and I'll handle the mister.

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