Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 10/12/10

Best Lines of Y&R Tuesday 10/12/10--Canada; Wednesday 10/13/10--USA


Provided By Wanda

Nikki: Where are we? Why'd you bring me to this dump?

Deacon: First rule of bartending-- don't get loaded where you work.

Nikki: This is where you live?

Deacon: The plumbing works. There's heat. The neighbors mind their own business. What else could a drunk ask for?

Nikki: Oh, my God. How did I get to this place again? Oh, my life is a mess. I'm a mess.

If Victor saw me like this, he would not marry me.

Deacon: Okay, uh, you-- you want to call your sponsor? Here, let me get that for you.

Nikki: Oh, God, it's him. I-I-I-I-- I can't talk to Victor right now. I can’t. I can’t.

Deacon: Just-- just turn it off.

Nikki: What are you lookin' at?

Deacon: It's, um, it's my 30-day chip. I have earned this thing and lost it so many times.

Nikki: What's the longest you've been sober?

Deacon: Three years, 8 months and 17 days.

Nikki: I was sober for 17 years. I was so proud of that. Why'd you relapse?

Deacon: 'Cause my life is crap. Yeah. See, this--this is not how it was supposed to be. I was--I was gonna have money and a wife and kids. And, um, a job where people would actually look up to me. What have I got instead? I got a felony record. I got a crummy minimum-wage job where I'm surrounded by bottles of booze all day long. I can't see my kid, my son, because I'm on parole. I haven't seen him in a year. I got a daughter, too. I got a little girl. Only she's not little anymore. She's all grown up, and I doubt if she even thinks about me.

Nikki: I feel like I've failed my family so many times, especially my kids. And they don't hesitate to remind me when I've screwed up.

Deacon: Yeah, well, this just sure seems to take all the pain away, doesn't it?

Nikki: Yeah, it does, for a little while, anyway.

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