Best Y&R Lines Thursday 10/7/10

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 10/7/10--Canada; Friday 10/8/10--USA


Provided By Wanda

Victor: Well, I must say I'm not surprised to see you here again. Are you trying to make inroads with Katherine?

Jack: Katherine's a lifelong family friend. Her husband suffered a heart attack and a stroke, and he hasn't woken yet.

Victor: Her son owns Jabot. You live and breathe Jabot. It's the driving force behind everything you do. More important to you than friendship and loyalty, isn't it?

Jack: I'm getting a speech from you about loyalty-- you, who just had your daughter thrown in jail. So, let's see, that makes three of your children you've alienated now. So I guess Nicholas is next.

Victor: That's a joke coming from you. You barely know of the existence of your children. No one will nominate you as "Father of the year," I assure you.

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