Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 9/28/10

Best Lines of Y&R Tuesday 9/28/10--Canada; Wednesday 9/29/10--USA


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Ronan: No. It's, uh, it's my work. I'm, uh, I'm undercover a lot, and it just makes relationships really hard.

Nina: I know. You said that before. It's just, I don't... I mean... what's the real reason?

Ronan: I'm not ready. I'm sorry. I'm just--I need more, um, I need some time.

Nina: Okay.

Ronan: Okay.

Nina: I totally understand. I mean, you hardly know me.

Ronan: Judging by the man that Chance... is, I know that you're a wonderful mother.

Nina: Listen, I, um.. I don't mean to push. I mean... but I most likely lost one son. And not being able to have contact with the other, especially when we live in the same city, for crying out loud, I mean... when you say you need time... I wonder what kind of work he's doing now? Probably helping people. That's what he did best. This is a copy of the book I wrote about my search for you. It looks like he's had this for years. All these notes in the margins...

Ronan: What are they?

Nina: "People search" web addresses. He was trying to find you.

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