Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 9/7/10

Best Lines of Y&R Tuesday 9/7/10--Canada; Wednesday 9/8/10--USA


Provided By Wanda

Jack: If this is about Victoria being pregnant, we already know.

Ashley: We found out last night.

Abby: Does Dad know?

Billy: Victor told you.

Jack: Yes, and yes.

Billy: Okay. That's good. A few hours, Victoria and I are getting married in our new house. I would like you all to be there, and, Jack, my brother, I would like you to be my best man.

Jack: Wow. Best man at your wedding to Victor Newman's daughter. Kind of like being invited to a shark feeding with you as the bait.

Billy: Is that a yes?

Jack: You knew exactly how Victor Newman felt about you, and you still had to push it to the very limit, didn't you?

Billy: Victor is a bully.

Jack: That's right. He's a bully. Only now you have him protecting his daughter and his grandchild.

Billy: Family means just as much to the Abbotts. Isn't that right? I thought you knew that.

Jack. I have a business meeting in Chicago today.

Billy: Okay, well, you know, I wouldn't want to keep you from work.

Ashley: Jack, you're kidding me?

Jack: No, this is just like Billy to expect us to drop everything at a moment's notice to attend his wedding.

Billy: Yeah, you're right. I know. I know. I'm such a selfish jerk. I just don't know. I wanted my entire family to be there on the biggest day of my life.

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