Best Y&R Lines Monday 7/19/10

Best Lines of Y&R Monday 7/19/10--Canada; Tuesday 7/20/10--USA


Provided By Wanda

Jill: Wow, that was fast. What'd you do? Run every red light?

Lauren: You're suing me for half of Fenmore's?

Jill: I'm suing you for what is mine, Lauren, and given what I've read in our father's will, it should be a slam dunk.

Lauren: And this is what you consider the key phrase? "To any and all of my living heirs"? You're basing your entire case on semantics? Let me tell you who you are. You are a greedy, selfish opportunist who doesn't give a damn for family or legacies.

Kay: But you have to understand, she was reeling from Liz Foster's death when she found out that Neil Fenmore was her father.

Lauren: And instead of grieving, she pounces on me.

Kay: Lauren, as much as she loved and still loves the Fosters, I know for a fact that she has been desperately searching for years to find out who her biological mother and father were.

Jill: This has hit me very hard.

Kay: She felt as though she's been robbed-- the fact that all that information had been kept from her. As for you, to say that you have been overzealous-- that is an understatement.

Lauren: Yeah, she is really shoving this sister thing down my throat.

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