Best Y&R Lines Thursday 7/8/10

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 7/8/10--Canada; Friday 7/9/10--USA


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Nikki: So... you're a cover girl now-- very impressive. You're showing a lot less skin than usual. Do you think that your fans will recognize you?

Abby: I'm sorry. Are you lecturing me on being naked? Isn't that how everyone met you here?

Nikki: Good one. You know, Abby, the only real thing of value that any of has is our good reputation. And once that's gone, no amount of money can buy it back. People in power, people of class, people who could possibly open doors for you down the line-- I don't think they're gonna view what you're doing as laudable.

Abby: We're from different generations, Nikki. Okay, pole dancing-- it's hot right now. It might even be a sport in the next Olympics.

Nikki: You wonder why the people who love you aren't supportive of this "Heiress" thing. It's not because they enjoy criticizing you, Honey. It's because we care about what happens to you. Now taking your clothes off in public will definitely get you attention, for a while, at least. But what it won't get you is respect. People form judgments that last a lifetime. To this day, my past is thrown in my face, decades later, exactly the way you just did.

Abby: I think I preferred you being bitchy.

Nikki: You know what? You are absolutely right. Times are different. And now all of our indiscretions go straight to the internet. Honey, what you are doing is so well-documented, you're never gonna get rid of it.

Abby: That's the point. That is the point-- to document it. I want people to know who I am. Being naked is my ticket, okay? I'm making a name for myself, and I am doing good with it, you know, for the animals. My video is climbing. It's in the top five on Viewclick.

Nikki: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait, what video? Oh, my God. Are you--are you--are you having sex with this guy? Abby!

Abby: Can you believe this? This cover--it worked. By tomorrow morning, I am gonna be a household name.

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