Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 6/15/10

Best Lines of Y&R Tuesday 6/15/10--Canada; Wednesday 6/16/10--USA


Provided By Wanda

Snapper: You didn't compare this against the chart? Outside. Now.

Liz: Honey, I-I'm sure she would have caught it bef--

Snapper: Now! Excuse me. Do you have any idea what you almost did? That medication you were about to hang could have caused her to stop breathing.

Woman: I know. I should have been more careful. I-I usually am. It's just that I--

Snapper: That's no excuse. That's woman's health is compromised. Now she might just be a patient to you, but she's a woman who has a home. She has a family, people who love her and care about her... And they entrust us, you and me, to take care of her. Now if you're not prepared to do that and you've taken this job just to make some money or to pick up some doctors, then get the hell outta here!

Woman: I'm so sorry.

Snapper: All right, just go out there, pull yourself together, and have a nice cry. And if you still want this, you come back in, and you focus 100% on that. When you come through those doors, 100%, you got it?

Woman: Yes, I do. Thank you, Dr. Foster. I won't let you down again.

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