Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 6/9/10

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 6/9/10--Canada; Thursday 6/10/10--USA


Provided By Wanda

Gloria: This is outrageous. You can't just throw us out of our home.

Phyllis: Oh, yes, I can.

Jeff: Oh, yeah? On what grounds?

Phyllis: Well, let me ask you this. Uh, since you've been living here, how many times have you paid your rent on time? Just give me a ballpark.

Gloria: Wouldn't know. It's not my job.

Phyllis: Well, I'll tell you--never, not once.

Jeff: Well, we promise to do better.

Gloria: Yeah. Oh, come on, Phyllis. What's Michael gonna think if you throw his mother out on the street?

Phyllis: Well, I think Michael's gonna understand, Gloria, and you're not gonna be on the street.

Jeff: Look, th--th-- there's a real easy fix here. We'll just buy the place.

Gloria: That's an excellent idea. We love it here. Nothing like penthouse living.

Jeff: I'll get my checkbook. Name your price.

Phyllis: Um, well, it's not for sale. And per the terms of the eviction notice, you two have to vacate the premises right away before the sheriff comes here and throws you out on your butt.

Gloria: Fine. I never really liked your mangy apartment anyway.

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