Best Y&R Lines Thursday 5/27/10

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 5/27/10--Canada; Friday 5/28/10--USA


Provided By Wanda

Heather: Mm, top ten reasons why women find you irresistible.

Billy: Uh, number six. My extensive collection of boxer shorts. I have every holiday, every cartoon color--character. What's your favorite? Is it, uh, Cartman? Spongebob? Little Mermaid? Ooh, the lobster?

Heather: No. No, my favorite is Spike Spiegel. You have him? "Cowboy Bebop"?

Billy: Oh, you are such a dork. Anime doesn't count.

Heather: Wha--tha-- yeah, see, that's what I'm-- this is so like you. Because as soon as you start smelling defeat, you go and change the rules.

Billy: Oh, wow, you are so angry. There's so much hostility coming off of you right now.

Heather: Oh, you are so perceptive. That has to be number five, and number four, your incredible sensitivity towards women, and number three...

Billy: You know, this obvious desperation is really starting to turn me on.

Heather: A goat in a bikini would turn you on.

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