Best Y&R Lines Friday 4/23/10

Best Lines of Y&R Friday 4/23/10--Canada; Monday 4/26/10--USA


Provided By Wanda

Sharon: Victor is confessing to Adam's murder right now.

Phyllis: It was a good speech. Your victor hate makes you very eloquent.

Jack: Okay, so what's his angle?

Nick: To save my hide, screw himself over in the process.

Jack: Oh, no, no, no, no. Bull. He's up to something.

Sharon: Or maybe he's just doing something loving and generous.

Jack: Well, that's a lovely thought. You hold onto that. Trust me. If Mr. Mumbles is finally manning up and taking the lumps, that's a good thing, but my bet is, he's gonna use this opportunity to make a hero out of himself and clear his own name.

Phyllis: So you think he did it?

Jack: I think he had the means, and God knows, he had a boatload of motive.

Nick: Anyone could have run into Adam in that basement and lost it. He's confessing to save one son. Do you really think that he could kill another?

Michael: The police and the D.A. intend to find out. They've, uh, just arrested Victor for murder. Victor wants to avoid trial and go straight to sentencing.

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