Best Y&R Lines Monday 4/12/10

Best Lines of Y&R Monday 4/12/10--Canada; Tuesday 4/13/10--USA


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Malcolm: So-- so this attitude that you got is all about protecting Lily, just like rippin' on me as a kid was for the family's sake. I mean, God forbid that anybody slip up and make the mistake of thinkin' that I was someone special.

Neil: Everybody knew you were special, Malcolm. Because if they forgot, you reminded them. Always dropping names of coaches who came to see you play, right? Girls that called, lined up around the block, "Mama, here come that man." Tellin' everybody that you were gonna pay 'em, you know, when you hit the big time. "Here's some money for you. Here's some money for you. Neil, here's nothin' for you." You remember that, don't you?

Malcolm: No, what I remember is how fast all those "friends" disappeared when I blew out my knee. 17 years old, and any dreams, any hopes I had, went up in smoke. I was scared to death, Neil.

Neil: And what about all the family that loved you?

Malcolm: What about you, Neil? What about you, huh? Did you heart break for your baby brother when his dream died? Or were you lovin' it?

Neil: What are you talkin' about?

Malcolm: I'm just keepin' it real, Bro. I knew. Every time I screwed up, you were vindicated. It was just proof that I was who you thought I was.

Neil: You see? You see what you're trying to do right here right now? You see, you're trying to-- you're trying to pin your choices, your irresponsibilities on me.

Malcolm: You wore my mistakes like a damn badge of valor-- "Neil the righteous," "Neil the reliable," Neil, who deserved to have everything good, while Malcolm deserved to have everything bad. Man, I started to believe that crap, man. It took me years to get away from that, to get away from you, to come into my own. And I'm sure as hell not gonna let you decide or define who I am. Where I go, what I do is on me. And I'm just as much a part of this family as you are, and I'm stayin'!

Neil: So what do you expect us all to do, you know? Just take all this in stride? The--the way you lie? The way you use people?

Malcolm: Use people? Who am I usin', Neil?

Neil: Who do you think you're using? Lily. You're using her illness.

Malcolm: Are you kidding?

Neil: Yeah, it makes you feel good about yourself, right? Painting that picture-- the devoted dad at his sick daughter's bedside. None of it's real. You're--you're not real.

Malcolm: It's not a game, Neil, all right? You think that I'm not scared? You think I don't love my daughter? You think I-- do you think I'm not afraid of losing her?

Neil: Did you hear me say that? That's not what I said.

Malcolm: Well, what are you saying?

Neil: You want to be part of this family, but you're not being straight up with us. You don't belong, man. You cannot be trusted.

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