Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 3/9/10

Best Lines of Y&R Tuesday 3/9/10--Canada; Wednesday 3/10/10--USA


Provided By Wanda

Tucker: I'm cuttin' you back into Chancellor, and you want more?

Kay: I'm used to being in charge. After all, it is my company.

Tucker: Was, not is.

Kay: Oh, don't kid yourself. It will always be my company. Yes. Yes, I do want control. And, of course, your input would be welcome, but I think I should have the last call.

Tucker: I'm offering you half when I don't have to offer you anything at all.

Kay: I don't work well in a double harness. I'm a racehorse. So what do you say? Have things changed enough between us? Can you give back to me what you never should have taken away?

Tucker: Hand control of Chancellor over to you? There's not a person on earth I'd make that deal with.

Kay: I am not being possessive or greedy. Chancellor Industries to me is a living, breathing thing. I had planned to be with it until my last day on this earth. I can't walk away from it without a fight. I can't walk away from it at all.

Tucker: Well, if I don't say yes now, you're probably gonna hammer away at me until I hate the damn name "Chancellor Industries." So why delay the inevitable?

Kay: What-- what are you saying? I mean, you would, um... Y-you would let me buy back enough shares to have controlling interest of Chancellor Industries? Uh, y-y-you give up? Just like that?

Tucker: Hey, you're gettin' your way. Leave a man his pride, huh?

Kay: Oh, you should be so proud.

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