Best Y&R Lines Friday 2/19/10

Best Lines of Y&R Friday 2/19/10--Canada; Monday 2/22/10--USA


Provided By Wanda

Jack: I gotta hand it to you, Victor. That was quite a little show you and Adam put on-- the rumble at the club, the slash-and-burn interview at "Restless Style."

Victor: Rather presumptuous for you to assume that that fight was for your benefit.

Jack: I was suspicious of the whole production from the very beginning. No, something about it seemed a little hinky. And then you outbid me for Jabot, offering far more than the company's listed value. And all the pieces started to come together.

Victor: You undervalued your father's company. That's an insult to your dad's memory.

Jack: I know the value of that company right down to the last pencil. And I upped it a considerable percentage with my offer. Then you slither in at the last minute with a bid for even higher? No. No, unless you had inside information. Admit it, Victor, your son the snake is also a mole,

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