Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 2/3/10

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 2/3/10--Canada; Thursday 2/4/10--USA


Provided By Wanda

Gloria: I know you've been thinking about this, Jack, just like I have. Jabot in the hands of some stranger who doesn't care about your father or his legacy-- turns my stomach. And we can make sure it doesn't happen.

Jeff: For a price.

Jack: Cut to the chase.

Jeff: Yeah, I can see we're interrupting here. What, you, um, taking a new portrait to hang in the halls of Jabot? Could be jumping the gun there, Jackie-boy.

Jack: My patience is wearing thin.

Gloria: We just want to make sure there are seats for us at the table. We seal the deal for you, we're entitled to positions of real influence at Jabot, not just nameplates on a door.

Jack: Agreed.

Jeff: You'll put that in writing?

Jack: No.

Jeff: Ah, then we're done here.

Jack: Believe me, it's gonna be a lot easier to convince her to let bygones be bygones once the company is ours again, once we've undone the damage you did.

Gloria: How do I know she won't convince you to keep us on the sidelines?

Jack: All I can do is give you my word. You will get the positions you deserve.

Jeff: Mm, I don't like it. Too loosey-goosey.

Gloria: Okay, I guess we need to think about it some more.

Jack: Unfortunately, I have to make my bid tomorrow.

Gloria: We'll get back to you, Jack.

Jeff: Or not.

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