Best Y&R Lines Friday 1/22/10

Best Lines of Y&R Friday 1/22/10--Canada; Monday 1/25/10--USA


Provided By Wanda

Gloria: Jack, I would love nothing more than to give you the money I owe you.

Jack: A cashier's check will be just fine.

Jeff: Stop bullying her. She doesn't have it.

Jack: Don't make the mistake of thinking I'm not on to you. You are still the same lying, cheating... woman you were the day you walked out of the gutter and into our lives.

Gloria: Au contraire, Jackie. For one thing, I speak French now, and you don't scare me, for another. Not that you ever did.

Jack: You ought to be scared of me. I want my money, and I'm gonna get it.

Gloria: I can't give you what I don't have.

Jeff: Tell you what, when our-- excuse me-- my second bottle of Bordeaux arrives, I'd be happy to pour you a glass, provided you drink it someplace else.

Jack: Don't mess with me. And don't mess with the law. I know a judge who will be all too happy to help your girlfriend here set up residence with some very nasty roommates. Your mother needs some legal advice.

Michael: Again?

Jack: She's got two choices-- she can pay me the money she owes me, or she can go straight to jail. Her call.

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