Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 1/19/10

Best Lines of Y&R Tuesday 1/19/10--Canada; Wednesday 1/20/10--USA


Provided By Wanda

Tucker: I was wondering when I'd see you again.

Kay: Yeah, really? Well, first off, the way you went about getting control of chancellor industries-- using that cartoon character Jo-Jo to distract me-- it was not only despicable, it was deplorable. It was cowardly.

Tucker: It was business. And sometimes business gets ugly. You should be grateful that I'm not the slash-and-burn type. Otherwise, I wouldn't be assessing the current staff in order to keep most of them employed.

Kay: Oh, well, now you're getting ahead of yourself, because there's a good chance that this deal will not hold up. You know that.

Tucker: I assume you've already assembled a legal team with orders to try and unseat me. Well, bring 'em on. I'm used to it.

Kay: Well, let me tell you something-- you maybe have been scrutinized before. Chancellor Industries is my company, and not you or anyone else is going to sweep in and cut it out from under me.

Tucker: It's a done deal. Now save all that money on all those lawyers, because the only skeleton in my closet is you. You're my only dirty secret-- the wealthy mother who abandoned her infant son.

Kay: Yes, well, I'm going to prove that accusation is fraudulent, also. You're not my son.

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